From Java to Nagasaki A Record of Life in Captivity, 1942-1945 By Les Spence

From Java to Nagasaki

Les Spence risked his life to keep a remarkable daily record of hardship, courage and endurance in prison camps run by the Japanese.

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We had uneventful train journey to Nagasaki and then we saw the result of the atomic bomb. It was simply astounding, nothing left standing for miles, everything flat and burnt out.

I Fought Them All The Life and Ring Battles of Prize-fighting Legend Tom Sharkey By Greg Lewis & Moira Sharkey

I Fought Them All

Tom Sharkey was one of the toughest boxers never to win the heavyweight title.

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Land of Hope and Dreams Celebrating 25 years of Bruce Sprinsgteen in Ireland By Greg Lewis and Moira Sharkey

Land of Hope and Dreams

Bruce Springsteen is widely considered to be the greatest live performer of his generation.

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